Brysthan Global

Tech Solutions

We are a team of Tech experts using tech knowledge to deliver broad range of tech solutions to various challenges; from Emergency Management, Custom duty Management, Court Room Management, E- commerce, Hospital Management, School Security Management solutions and much more.

Our Comprehensive Emergency Management Solution is a deep tech solution. This solution incorporates drone technology, stingray tech, hotlines and many other Hardwares and APIs to create a holistic response to emergencies.

Another remarkable solution by Brysthan Global is the Pickney Monitor. A combination of different Tech solutions developed by for schools. This solution sends clock in and clock out sms to parents when their wards enter or leave the school. It also sends real time GPS location of School bus, helping Parents keep track of their wards.   

In addition to our innovative solutions, we have developed in collaboration with our partners the BGL Smart Disinfection Booth . This solution was developed in an effort to fight COVID 19 and other infectious diseases. It is an integration of artificial intelligence, motion sensor and other tech solutions and hard wares.

Brysthan Global parades an array of  BCS certified IT professional, System Analysts, Cyber Security Experts and System Engineers.

Our IT support division provides a range of technical support services that is superior to other organizations. Our engineers are certified in leading computer technologies and brands. We provide technical support, installation, testing, commission support, onsite training, onsite technical support, warranty support and annual maintenance support contracts.

Do you have a challenge you need a tech solution expert to handle? Contact us , let?s wow you !