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Smart Disinfection Booth

BGL Smart Disinfection Booth is an easy, innovative and cost effective must-have device for all public spaces, in our collective efforts to fight Corona virus and other infectious diseases.

The Smart Disinfection Booth is equipped with motion-sensors and a system that provides fast, safe and reliable disinfection of clothing, shoes, hands, full body and other objects passing through the entrance by means of simultaneous supply of disinfectant through nozzles according to the fogging principle. This effectively neutralizes causative agents of infectious diseases like viruses, fungi and bacteria, including COVID-19, while ensuring no risk to the human skin, breathing, clothes and other belongings.

It has an intelligent mobile non-contact temperature monitoring system that judges accurately whether there is abnormal body temperature of persons passing through it. A high temperature condition sets off an alarm.

There is an automated hand sanitizer dispensing point on the device.

The device has a high-definition camera that recognizes noncompliance to mask use and triggers of alarm. The Camera records attendance by contactless punch-in.

The device is automated and runs intelligently, without the need for special control.It is suitable for any public place like:

Government House complex
The House of assembly complex
Court complex
Civil Service Secretariats
Local Government Secretariats Airports
Commercial Centers Hotels
Construction Sites  
Staff Accommodation
Public Transport
Food & Beverage Outlets
Public Events in the future
Office Buildings
Residential Buildings
Large Villas
Places of Worship

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