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If I am looking for a house to rent in any part of Imo state or a land to buy, I will have to physically move around or contact an agent physically.  I have no clue of what the property may look like before I move.

If I am looking for a car to buy in the state, I will have to visit the car mart or contact a dealer physically to get a quote.

If I moved into a neighborhood in Imo state and I need a plumber, electrician or A.C technician, I will probably have to compromise my privacy, ask around before I get one.

How about doing all these things from my phone with just a few clicks? It is possible to order Nda Letty?s food without leaving your house. It is possible to buy several bags of cement from a building material dealer in Ogbosisi and have them delivered to your house without leaving your house.

These and more is what will handle. It will transform commerce in the state and make it easy for entrepreneurs and artisans to connect to new customers increase their customer base and close more deals.

It will simplify demand and supply in the state, helping to create a thriving local economy.

Whereas there is no comprehensive online business directory in the state to ease commerce, is here to bridge that gap and move commerce in the state to the next level.


A business directory is an online list of businesses within a particular niche, location, or category. One way local businesses can be found online is through inclusion in business directories.

One huge opportunity to gather instant visibility to your business is to list your products/services under a local online business directory. Remember the telephone directories and yellow pages of the 80?s? Well, online directories are pretty much the same but provide a wow-factor by reaching a specific set of target audience. is an initiative that will create a vast online business directory and market place where entrepreneurs and artisans in Imo can list their businesses and connect to new customers who need their products and services with no hassle. 

Any sort of industry, business and skills could be listed here; will be a very massive directory and online marketplace that will cover almost every category of business and skills in the state. It will host a directory that covers the name of a business, category of that particular business, Products & services, phone number, address and other contact details. It will also have a marketplace portal where real-time buying and selling can take place. The directory is designed to have several main categories and subcategories of businesses. will be a great way to help businesses and entrepreneurs in the state increase their business online visibility, reputation and branding. It will help artisans and businesses in the state get more leads and traffic from their target customers.

An online Enterprise and Skill hub like is one of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for businesses, artisans and freelancers. It will positively impact their business ranking on search engine websites such as Google, Bing etc.

Business LISTING CATEGORIES and Sub Categories

Arts Entertainment and Leisure
? Amusement and Play Equipment
? Arts
? Books
? Entertainers or Entertainment Agencies
? Entertainment and Recreation
? Hobbies
? Leisure Activities and Things to Do
? Music Lessons and Teachers
? Musical Instruments
? Video and DVD Stores
Arts Entertainment and Leisure
? Amusement and Play Equipment
? Arts
? Books
? Entertainers or Entertainment Agencies
? Entertainment and Recreation
? Hobbies
? Leisure Activities and Things to Do
? Music Lessons and Teachers
? Musical Instruments
? Video and DVD Stores
? Auto and Car Accessories
? Car Service and Repairs
? Driver Education
? General Automotive Services
? Motor Dealers and Auctions
? Motorcycles and Tricycles
? Parts Suppliers
Building Maintenance
? Building Designers and Design Services
? Building Equipment and Tools
? Building Materials and Supplies
? Building Repairs and Maintenance
? Building Services
? Building and Construction Machinery
? Buildings
? Cleaning Services
? Construction Services
? Decorating Supplies
? Engineers & Surveyors
? Engineers and Engineering Services
? Heating and Cooling Services
? Home Renovation Supplies
? Property Management
? Surveying Services
? Agriculture
? Farm Services
? Farm and Agricultural Machinery
? Farmers
? Farming and Rural Supplies
? Forestry
? Horticulture
? Marine Farming
Financial Services
? Accountants and Auditors
? General Finance
? Insurance
Food and Beverage
? Beverages
? Catering
? Food Equipment
? Fruit and Vegetables
? General Food Businesses
? Meat Retail and W’Sale
? Organic
? Seafood
Health and Beauty Services
? Saloon & Spa
? Beauty Services
? Diet
? Personal Services
Hospitality and Tourism
? Holiday Accommodation
? Tours and Sightseeing
? Travel Services
? Aged Care
? Alternative Health Services
? Dental Services
? General Medical Services
? Maternity
? Medical Products and Equipment
? Medical Specialists
? Mental Health Services
? Optical Services
Real Estate and Property
? Real Estate Agents
? Real Estate and Property Services
? Fabrics and Clothing Machinery
? Fashion and Clothing Services
? Gifts
? Other Retail
? Retail Discounters
? Retail Stores
? Wedding Arrangements
Wining and Dining
? Restaurants, Cafes and Bars
? Takeaway Foods and Fast Food Delivery

Business Services
? Administration Services
? Agents and Brokers
? Auctions
? Audio Visual Services
? Broadcasting
? Business Advisory Services
? Communication Systems
? Display and Design Services
? Employment and HR Services
? General Business Services
? Import and Export Services
? Legal Services
? Marketing Research Services
? Office Furniture and Fittings
? Office Supplies and Equipment
? Printing and Publishing Services
? Workplace Safety
? Children?s Products and Services
? Community Organisations
? Environmental Consultants and Services
? Funerals
? Government Organisations
? Religious Organisations
? Social Services
Computers and Electronics
? Computer Retail and Wholesale
? Computer Services
? Electronics
? Hosting
? Internet and Web Services
? Software

Education and Training
? Educational Supplies
? General Education
? Language and Speech Services
? Vocational Education
? Schools
Home and Garden
? Garden Products
? Gardening Services
? Home Appliances
? Home Decor and Accessories
? Home Furniture and Furnishings
? Home Outdoor
? Household Services
? Pets
? Windows and Window Treatments
? Abrasive, Sandblasting and Soda Blasting
? Abrasives
? Chemicals and Compounds
? Electrical and Electronic
? Energy and Utilities
? Industrial Coatings
? Industrial Consultancy
? Industrial Engineering
? Industrial Equipment
? Industrial Equipment and Machinery
? Industrial Maintenance
? Industrial Manufacturing
? Industrial Parts
? Industrial Products
? Industrial Services
? Metal
? Metal Products
? Minerals
? Packaging
? Plastic, Rubber and Foam
? Refrigeration Services
? Renewable Energy
? Security Products
? Security Services
? Boat Trader
? Building and Repair
? Marine Products
? Marine Services
? Storage Solutions
? Training and Licensing
? Transport Services
? Air and Aerial Sports
? General Sports
? Golf
? Health and Fitness
? Sports Goods
? Water Sports
Trades and Services
? Clothing, Cleaning or Repair Services
? Driveway, Carpark and Road Surfacing
? Floors and Floor Coverings
? Roofing Services
? Trade Services
Transport and Storage
? Air Transport
? Land Transport
? Shipping Services
? Storage Services
? Transport and Distribution Services
? Transportation Consultancy

The hub will also have

  • A property mart where property dealers can display their properties for rent or sale
  • A car mart  where car dealers can display their cars for rent or sale
  • A general ecommerce market place where people can display any product they have and sell online. 


Listing on will be free. The hub will offer premium listing where a business can add more valuable information or take advantage of some exclusive features for free.

It will however generate maintenance revenue by charging to have a business, event, product or service displayed in a prominent location for a period of time.

  • Display Banner Ads
  • Box Display Ads
  • Featured Listing
  • Contextual Ads
  • Featured Video
  • Box display

BENEFITS TO BUSINESSES & ENTREPRENEURS will offer entrepreneurs and businesses in Imo state.

  • Platform to showcase their products and services to every resident in the state, and beyond, seamlessly.
  • Visibility: Getting listed on will make it easy for potential customers to discover their businesses when searching for the services, categories, products and amenities they provide. It will allow entrepreneurs and business owners become highly visible to their local environment and niche market, guaranteeing exposure of their business, products and services to thousands of customers and inquiries worldwide.
  • New Customers: will allow users to search by specific criteria such as product, specialty, neighborhood, ratings, and more. It will be a sure way of connecting businesses to the new clients searching for the products or services they offer.
  • Get Found By Focused Buyers. Most buyers visiting looking for specific product or service have already decided to buy but are looking for the best supplier/vendor. Listings on with 100% profile completeness and accuracy in terms of contact details, business address, website and photographs will be preferred by such focused buyers.
  • One-Stop Access to Business Contact Details. The hub will provide an amazing platform for businesses to provide their most updated contact details to the visitors. Instant access to contact information contributes to lead generation and increased ROIs.
  • Improved brand identity through word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth has always been a trusted source for consumers, and now predominantly takes the form of online reviews. Getting listed in, enterprise and skill hub, will equip happy customers to spread the word about their encounters with various businesses listed on the platform.
  • Affordable Marketing: is an easy an affordable way for businesses and entrepreneurs to market their products and skills. It will assist business owners in the state increase their Customer Base through targeted user traffic, unlimited free site traffic through qualified inbound links and top search engine ranking via organic and inexpensive advertising.


  • Comprehensive database of verified businesses, Suppliers and service providers in just a click
  • User friendly interface to search over uncountable products and services.
  • Find best products and service with no hassle.
  • With just a click, get whatever you need in the state, be it a new house to rent, new car to buy, home tutor, electrician, spare parts, restaurant to eat, etc.


We have successfully lunched . To get this project to the next stage, Brysthan Global Limited is offering an opportunity for few investors .

In this phase of the project, the firm will be paying out 20% returns on every investment from 25,000 and above within 30 days.

This means that if you invest N100, 000 in this project. The company will pay you a total of N120, 000 in 30 days.?