Brysthan Global

Energy Solutions

Access to renewable energy is essential for socioeconomic development and poverty eradication. Nigeria and indeed Sub Sahara Africa? is in a dire energy situation with 60 to? 70% of its population? living without regular access to electricity.

Through a growing range of innovative solutions, Brysthan Global has positioned itself as a key partner in delivering clean energy solution, building a more sustainable energy future and helping the nation in its quest to resolving the energy challenge.

We provide :

Off-grid Renewable Energy Solution To Key Facilities And Infrastructure : We provide off grid, reliable, anytime power supply to Hospitals and Primary Health Care Centers, Markets, Schools and Community Centers.

Residential Renewable Energy Solutions : We provide residential solar energy solutions, helping home owners save money while generating clean energy to meet their needs.

Industrial Clean Energy Solutions: We provide clean energy solutions to industries such as petrol stations and manufacturing plants.

Solar Energy Solutions for Small Utilities : We provide other solar energy applications such as? solar street-lights, solar garden lights, solar water heaters, solar water pumps, solar Vaccine Refrigerators, etc.